Client training sessions play a pivotal role in empowering teams to fully leverage new business apps. These sessions typically commence with an introduction to the app’s interface and key functionalities. Through interactive demonstrations, participants gain hands-on experience navigating various features and tools

This Q1, Decode Technologies has onboarded 3 major clients with 3 more coming in this early Q2 and conducted client deployment and trainings for our EES Workforce (HR and Payroll) System and EES Workforce -Training Management System.

These deployments and trainings was lead by our newly appointed Acting Chief Solutions Architect (ACSA), Chella Hipolito with the assistance of Associate Solutions Analyst, Cyreene Genova.

(…) I specifically appreciate that they are very attentive and prompt to requests and feedback from me and my team. While we are just getting started, this seems like the beginning of a lasting partnership. Cheers!

Throughout the training, participants engage in Q&A sessions to clarify doubts and explore advanced functionalities. Case studies and real-life scenarios are often integrated to illustrate the app’s potential in solving common business challenges. Collaborative exercises foster teamwork and enhance proficiency in utilizing the app’s collaborative features.

Post-training support, including resources and troubleshooting guides, further solidify learning outcomes and facilitate ongoing proficiency. Clients have been also provided learning materials to help them understand even more the new system they have implemented into their business.

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