HRIS, Payroll System, and Applicant Tracking System

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HRIS, Payroll System, and Applicant Tracking System

HR and Payroll System Redefined:
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One Platform to Manage it All

  • Master Files - Create and update employee profiles, departments, employment type, teams, and other necessary information you need to manage your workforce. It can also be paralleled to your existing employee information sheet you are using in your company.
  • Access & User Management: Create user access to your employees and easily assign features that are for employees use.
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Payroll Software Designed for Philippines. Adaptable to the World.

  • Pay Elements: Easily create your working hours in a day, working days in a week, working weeks in a year including holidays. Update it anytime.
  • Pay Groups: Assign your employees their appropriate pay groups and their pay cycle whether it's daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.
  • Pay Rates: Create, update, and manage anytime your pay rates from regular days, rest days, regular holidays, etc.
  • Payroll Adjustments: From commission, retroactive payouts, allowances, retirement pay, etc.
  • Loan Entries: Manage loans of SSS, Pag-IBIG, and any other loans your company provides.
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Track your employees time, without wasting yours.

  • Shift Schedules: Create shifts and assign each shifts start, end, and break time.
  • Shift Templates: Apply each shift schedule you've created and assign it per day or per working hours.
  • Holiday Settings: Easily set holiday settings and choose the applicable pay rate for each holiday.
  • Leave, Overtime, and Official Business: Provide access to your employees and managers so they can file their leaves, official business, and over-time without the hassle.
  • Time Sheet: Easily check on how the system analyzes the daily time record of your employees base on Regular Working Hours, Over-time, Rest day, etc.

Reports within seconds

Create a solution that is precise

Applicant Tracking

Digitalize your recruitment process and easily track your applicants and their status seamlessly.

Performance Evaluation

With Data Analytics, asses your employees performance and accurately measure their key performance indicator.

Training Center

Have your own interactive resource center for your employees to access and learn more on how you run the business and tips from you and your managers.

Custom Enhancements

Missing features? Need more functionalities? Enhance your system as your company grows.

Easy to deploy as they are to use

Biometric Integration

We'll assess the capabilities of your biometrics and integrate it to our system for seamless insertion of daily time records of employees and live feed of information from the dashboard.

Bank Payroll Report Generator

Easily export your payroll register and upload it from your bank seamlessly.

Data Migration

We'll help you input your employee master-list, leave balances, and other information to EES Talent making it ready to use upon activation.

1. EES Talent UI subject to change. | 2. EES Talent features subject to change depending on customization or add-on. | 3. SSS, Philhealth, and Pagibig logo and forms are properties of each corresponding appropriate Philippine agency. | 4. Some features may be under development update. 

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