ERP System That Fits Your Business

EES ERP System is a highly effective and unified business application that contains HR and Payroll System, Sales System, Inventory System, Purchasing System, and Production System.

Manage your business with powerful new ways to get more done, share, and collaborate with your team and do things more efficiently and effectively.

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ERP System That Fits Your Business

Managing Your Growing Business Can Be Difficult.

Work Smarter. Go Further: EES ERP System

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EES ERP System: Seamless Solution that Has Limitless Possibilities.

What is EES?

Empowered Enterprise Suite (EES) is a cloud-based ERP System designed to seamlessly manage all your business operations in one digital system. It helps businesses like yours, streamline their operations by compiling data from different departments to make better decisions, produce accurate reports, and increase productivity.

Choose an Application:

  • HR and Payroll System
  • Training System
  • Sales System
  • Inventory System
  • Purchasing System
  • Production System
  • Increase Efficiency and Collaboration Across Your Business Operations

    Having your EES ERP System allows business owners to focus on things that matter: THE BUSINESS.
    Work Smarter. Go Further.

    Integration and Centralization

    EES ERP System consolidates data and processes from various departments into a single unified platform.

    Data Powered Decision Making

    Real-time insights, chart a course to success, making informed decisions that steer your business toward prosperity

    Precise Solution

    EES ERP System is designed to fit your business process and not the other way around. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need so you can focus on growing your business.

    Cost Efficiency

    Embrace financial agility with EES ERP System, as it identifies cost-saving opportunities and optimizes resource allocation, propelling your business to flourish and expand

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    EES ERP System
    Designed by You.
    Developed for You.


    With EES ERP System, you can mix and match the systems you need for the time being. You can start with one system and get the other system as you need it. Its a system that's on-demand.


    EES is designed using Micro-service architecture. Micro-services are small light-weight services that enables complicated application broken down into several components.

    This allows EES to have a Modular Structure and Future-Proof to easily add functionalities based on your preference.

    Invest in the Right ERP System For Your Business.

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    ERP System Designed for All Types of Work

    EES ERP System - D3 Deployment Plan

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    HR and Payroll System

    HR and Payroll System

    EES Workforce - Manage Your Workforce with Lesser Work.

    More Features

    Easily manage your employee's 201 files and see basic information in an instant.

    Daily Time Record

    Integrated with our Web Bundy and your biometric for seamless updating of Employee Time-In and Outs.

    Time Sheets

    See how the system analyzes the working hours of your employees.


    Process your payroll in an instant.

    Loan Ledger

    Track loans of your employees together with interest, penalties, and even advance payments.

    De Minimis

    Add additional benefits that is offered by your company.

    Easy to Deploy as They are to Use

    Biometric Integration

    We'll assess the capabilities of your biometrics and integrate it to our system for seamless insertion of daily time records of employees and live feed of information from the dashboard.

    Bank Payroll Report Generator

    Easily export your payroll register and upload it to your online banking for payouts.

    Data Migration

    We'll help you input your employee master-list, leave balances, and other information to EES Workforce making it ready to use upon activation.

    Sales System

    Sales System

    EES Revenue - Track Your Sales Better.

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    Sales Quotation

    With automated calculations and customizable templates, you can easily create professional quotes, saving time and ensuring accuracy in your sales process

    Sales Order

    From capturing customer details to tracking order status, our system provides a comprehensive solution for efficient order management, enabling you to streamline your sales process and deliver exceptional customer service.

    Delivery Receipts

    Track product deliveries, capture customer signatures, and maintain accurate records of successful order deliveries, ensuring transparency and customer satisfaction throughout the supply chain process.

    Sales Return

    Effortlessly handle returns, track inventory adjustments, and process refunds or replacements.


    Capture all transaction details, ensuring accurate records, and expediting payment processing for increased efficiency in your sales operations.

    Aging Receivables

    Precisley monitor and manage outstanding payments by classifying them into different time periods, such as 30, 60, or 90+ days overdue, enabling timely follow-ups and better cash flow management.

    Selling Items

    Identify which items are top selling, low selling, in what area, and more.

    Daily Collection

    Check the daily collection from your daily transactions all in your finger-tips.

    Your ERP System That Is Precise.

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    Inventory System

    Inventory System

    EES Resources - Keep your assets together.

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    Inventory Requests

    Select the necessary details, such as item name, quantity, and desired delivery date. Streamlining the inventory management process and facilitating efficient restocking.

    Inventory Transfers

    Efficiently management of stock levels and ensure that inventory is available where it is needed most, optimizing distribution and fulfillment processes.

    Inventory Receiving

    Check the received items against the purchase order or shipment details, inspecting for any damages or discrepancies, updating the inventory records, and properly storing the items in the designated location

    Inventory Balances

    Track the available inventory after accounting for sales, purchases, returns, and adjustments.

    Automate Your Workflow with EES ERP System

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    Purchasing System

    Purchasing System

    EES Procurement - Simplify Your Purchasing Process.

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    Purchase Requests

    Initiate with ease the procurement of specific goods or services. Select details such as the item description, quantity needed, preferred suppliers, budget allocation, and any additional specifications.

    Purchase Orders

    Outline the specific items, quantities, agreed-upon prices, payment terms, delivery details, and any other relevant terms and conditions

    Goods Receipts

    When goods are physically received, the EES Revenue generates a good receipt document to confirm the delivery and update the inventory records

    Goods Returns

    Facilitate the recording and tracking of the return request. This includes generating a return authorization, documenting the reason for the return, updating inventory quantities, and initiating the appropriate refund or replacement process


    Check out the summary of costs that you made from your purchases.

    Purchase Items

    See the items you purchased from your suppliers.

    Be More Productive with EES ERP System

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    That Actually Works.

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