• Date: October 5, 2021
  • Service Type: IT Offshore, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development
  • Platform: Web, Android

Project Brief

Discover how our Custom Software Development successfully addressed the production and manufacturing and scaling challenges faced by our client in food manufacturing. Explore how our tailored internal app not only improved workflows but also provided essential automation assistance, ensuring seamless monitoring of the entire production process through web and tablet.


Our client, a prominent player in the food manufacturing industry, struggled with managing inventories and efficiently scaling their operations. As production volumes increased steadily, manual tracking became complicated and prone to errors. The client urgently sought an innovative solution that could automate processes, monitor progress, and streamline production workflows.


Decode Technologies responded to the client’s specific needs and concerns by developing a highly customized internal app. This application was designed to facilitate production and manufacturing management, streamline production workflows, and enhance collaboration between the two types of Japanese factories. The app offered two platforms: web for PC users to read and write data, and tablet for viewing and monitoring, with limited add and edit operations.

Results and Conclusion

The implementation of Decode Technologies’ internal app yielded remarkable improvements in the client’s food manufacturing process. The app’s powerful automation features eliminated manual errors and ensured accurate inventory tracking, leading to optimized production and reduced waste. With real-time monitoring available via the tablet platform, the client could now make informed decisions promptly, enhancing overall productivity.

Moreover, the app’s seamless integration with the existing systems enhanced overall efficiency, allowing the client to focus on core competencies and business growth. The web platform facilitated streamlined data management, ensuring essential information was readily accessible and updated by the relevant stakeholders.

Decode Technologies’ internal app revolutionized food manufacturing for our client, effectively addressing production and manufacturing¬†and scaling challenges. The app’s intelligent automation, along with its real-time monitoring capabilities, significantly improved production workflows and operational efficiency. With the success of the app’s implementation, our client is now better equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly growing market and position themselves as an industry leader.


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