• Date: July 14, 2021
  • Service Type: IT Outsourcing, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development
  • Platform: Web, Android

Project Brief:

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt to a new normal and embrace digital transformation. In this case study, we explore how popular brands have leveraged IT outsourcing services and mobile app development to provide virtual services to their customers. Through custom software development and Android development, businesses are able to stay connected with their customers and continue providing essential services despite the pandemic. Join us as we examine the transformative power of IT outsourcing services, mobile app development, and custom software development in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The brands faced a significant challenge of ensuring contactless communication between the customers and the brand representatives. The brand had to ensure that the app was intuitive, informative, and easy to use for the customers. The app also had to meet the stringent safety protocols put in place by the brand and the local government.


To provide an effective solution, the brand hired Decode Technologies and acquired our IT Outsourcing Services to develop a mobile app for  Android devices. The Decode Tech had extensive experience in mobile app development, and the brand felt confident that they would meet their needs.

The app’s success highlights the importance of mobile app development in today’s digital age and the
benefits of IT Outsourcing Services to experienced companies.

The mobile app development process started with a detailed requirement-gathering phase, where Decode Tech’s Software Development Team interacted with the brand representatives to understand their specific needs and requirements. Once the requirements were established, Decode Tech and the brand collaborated with the app’s design and created a wireframe.

The brand was satisfied with the app’s design, and Decode Tech’s Software Development Team moved on to the development phase. The app was built using the latest technologies and coding languages for Android devices. The Decode Tech also ensured that the app met the brand’s safety protocols and complied with local government regulations.

The app was designed to provide customers with an intuitive and informative interface. The app’s features included video calling and a product catalog that customers could interact with to obtain information about the brand’s products and services.

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Result and Conclusion:

The brand was thrilled with the app’s results, and it met all their expectations. The app’s virtual interaction feature allowed customers to engage with the brand representatives without any physical contact, ensuring their safety. The app’s intuitive and informative interface received high praise from customers, and they found it easy to use. The app’s appointment booking feature also helped reduce waiting times, making the brand’s services more efficient.

The Decode Technologies’ experience in mobile app development ensured that the brand received a high-quality app that met their specific needs and requirements. The brand’s aim to provide contactless consumer interaction was achieved with the app’s virtual interaction feature,
ensuring the safety of their customers. The app’s success highlights the importance of mobile app development in today’s digital age and the
benefits of IT Outsourcing Services to experienced companies.

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