Make an impact in
online learning with EMPAC

EMPAC is a learning management system, with its own premium
built-in web conference specifically designed for online learning
and packed with awesome features!

Make an impact in 
online learning with EMPAC

Loaded with advanced technology, but so easy to use.

EMPAC make the student's classes readily available upon login. Students will also be notified for upcoming due dates of their homeworks, quizzes, and exams. Plus they can access their learning material anytime, anywhere!

See what's the latest announcements from your teachers or instructors. Never miss anything out.

Students will be notified of upcoming due dates of all activities within EMPAC

Students can easily check their performance of their activities.


The best to bring out their best.

EMPAC makes it easy for teachers to navigate to their classes, post announcements, create exams, and upload learning materials.


Math Symbols Ready

EMPAC has a math symbol keyboard for Physics and Math subjects. Easily type-in questions or create learning materials with math and physics symbols.

Exam Checker

Create an exam inside EMPAC, and it automatically checks them as soon as the students finishes answering. It also has smart cheat detection that detects if a student opened a new browser window or tab.

Smart Classes

Teachers will be able to connect seamlessly to their classes for the day and start their web conference from there.

Lesson Plan

Create lessons for each subjects and easily import them to other sections with the same subjects/lessons

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See you, you, and you at EMPAC

A premium built-in web conference designed for online classes. Teachers will have full control of their classroom. With awesome features such as digital whiteboard, polling for recitations, shared notes, automatic attendance checking, screen sharing, recorded sessions, and so much more!