Let’s face it – our country’s business landscape has drastically changed due to the pandemic we are experiencing. We are witnesses as big and known brands in various industries retrench employees, and worse, cease their operations. As business experts have studied, the global business landscape might normalize in five to ten years now.

But it is also a good thing that not all is lost. Some brands thrive and have stabilized their business operations or even exceed their regular sales target at this time. This is because they have moved their business online by having a website where they can showcase their products and services to their customers or have developed an e-commerce platform where clients can select items they want to purchase, pay the transaction online, and have the products delivered right to their customers’ doorsteps.

We have personally seen the trend that a lot of start-ups have been looking for websites and e-commerce developers to make their business thrive amid the pandemic and lockdown extensions in our country. As more businesses demand a reliable and flexible solution to make them thrive, we would like to share some of the reasons we have compiled about why it is helpful to have a website or an e-commerce site.

It creates an image of credibility, reliability, and legitimacy.

Consider this scenario: Let’s say that you’re walking along the busy streets of the metropolis and a guy comes up to you – ‘hey, are you interested to buy this top of the line phone? I’ll sell it to you for 1,000 pesos only’. He pulls it out of his pocket and it seems to look legit. What do you do? I guess you won’t buy it – even if the price is affordable and you know it’s a good item anyway.

It’s the same as doing business without a website. Generally, customers would not trust you that easy. They think that their items might not get delivered to them, might have internal defects or the price is too good to be true. In fact, 75% of customers base credibility judgments on your website. They would need to see the immense value of an item before they purchase. Your website should contain all the necessary information about the products or services you sell for your business to win over the trust of your prospects and convert them to loyal customers. It should be designed in such a way that it reflects your brand, creating an image of credibility.

Customer purchase behaviors drastically changed.

Have you recently noticed that some households in your community have opened a small store in front of their houses and started selling items like vegetables, basic necessities, and even comfort foods like your favorite milk tea or pastry? This is because market groups have constricted due to limitations to travel brought about by the pandemic. Customers now tend to buy from sellers who are accessible to them. In such a way, they somehow feel secure without worrying about the risk of being sick. Instead of going to the mall to do the regular shopping that everyone used to do, customers now go online to shop if they wish to buy a product that might not be accessible to them.

This change is beneficial for locals who are producers of raw items like fruits, vegetables, and even locally-made items sold in provinces. The new normal in the purchasing behavior of customers have eliminated distribution intermediaries, thus making produce directly available from producers to the consumers. It is a win-win since producers can now maximize profit from their own products which makes it affordable for customers.

Expand your market and extend your local reach.

We have learned that consumers tend to buy from those sellers who are accessible to them. If you are selling within a community and aspire to formalize your business soon, you might want to expand the market you serve and better get known in your local community. Having a website or an e-commerce site will help you achieve these business goals. It will make you accessible to your customers since they can directly buy and pay through your site and have their purchased item delivered right to their homes with the help of external delivery or courier services or even your own delivery service! Now, you can reach customers anywhere around the country or even the globe!

Also, it is important to note that competition has almost flattened in the food and beverage industry, in specific. As big brands shut down, there are emerging businesses in our communities that have popped up, ready to fill the market gaps left by those who ceased their operations. Beyond having negative effects, the pandemic seems to be promising for those start-ups and small businesses.

Ever since we began, Decode Technologies has committed itself to support small businesses and start-ups. Our team is a witness to how the brands we have developed tech solutions for, have flourished over time. As our Chief Solutions Architect Miguel Angeles said, “We all start small. We have been there. But, always keep dreaming big!” This has been the source of inspiration and motivation of our team ever since we started.

So for small business owners and aspiring start-ups, have faith and keep hustling! Maybe, a website is all you need to make your business prosper. So, let’s get started creating your website or e-commerce site today!