In this time that the pandemic is in its height, most corporations have shifted to a work from home arrangement to keep their business running. Others are used to this since work from home jobs are slowly emerging in our country. While some corporate workers might have been in shock since not everyone is used to do work when they are at home.

Here in Decode Technologies, our teams are designed to be flexible to either work in the office or at the comfort of each of our homes. We provide technical support to our clients, most especially to HR officers of our clients who continually give support to their employees as they work from home in these times of need.

Let’s dig into our work from home practices that you may apply too!

Build your workspace.

Select an area of your house that you feel that your work energy is high and is free from distractions. Add furniture that will help in creating a work vibe that can be similar to how your office desk looks like. If you don’t have much space, at least set up a desk where you can set up your laptop and office supplies. Remember, this workspace is where you would commit to working at every day while you are on a work from home arrangement. So, make it something you look forward to going to every day.

Set your work hours.

What’s best in working from home is that your work hours are flexible. Consider your peak productivity periods. If you are a night owl, you might want to set your work hours from 7 pm to 2 am. Deeply focus to tick off every task in your daily task list. Don’t forget to take a break as well whenever you feel overwhelmed with the tasks you have for the day. When the clock strikes at the end of your work hours, end it so you don’t feel overworked and you still have the energy to do some chores or bond with your family.

Make a To-Do list.

Keep track of what needs to be done on a workday. List it down on your planner or type in your preferred task management applications like Google Keep or Trello. Every time you start your workday, you may review what tasks need to be prioritized, what is due soon, and so on. Stick to your task list so that you will not lose your focus on your daily workday goals.

Stay healthy.

As you value your work, so should you give your health a priority too! Follow a Zumba routine, eat healthy foods, and hydrate yourself with water and fruit juices. Beyond working to earn despite the pandemic, you should also develop a routine to keep yourself healthy. If you develop this routine, it would also be a way to prevent viruses from making you sick.

Use or invest in quality software or productivity tools.

To further guide you as you work, you might want to use productivity apps or invest in quality software to get things done. You may search for a specific productivity app according to your needs like time tracker, task management, or a scheduling tool. Investing for quality software is also highly recommended most especially when your company wants to get a specific task done despite working from home like doing payroll, extending credit due dates, or even approving a stock delivery.

Keep yourself motivated.

It is easy to lose your motivation to work at home most especially when your bed is tempting you to sleep or your pet cat is purring to bond with you the whole day. Make use of these temptations as a reward as soon as you end your workday. This rewards system might sound so simple but this will help you get things done and make you feel fulfilled as well.

Let’s admit it. We are not all built to be prepared to abruptly adjust to a work from home setup. Our country’s business landscape needs to catch up with businesses in our neighbouring countries who have adjusted to such a concept. But adapting a work from home arrangement has a lot of benefits, both for business entities and employees. This will help propel our economy even more and even fill our pockets beyond our day-to-day living.

Start putting these tips to practice now to make you efficient and effective as you work from home. Who knows? You might even have more work from home hacks to discover!